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Let’s talk costs?
“There are no costs to you as the employer. Your employees will cover their own withdrawal fees which are comparable to an ATM withdrawal fee”.

PayCurve is the most affordable Earned Wage Access provider in the market.
What support do I get?
Each of our clients has a dedicated relationship manager who will assist you with whatever your requirements may be.

We offer your employees 24/7 omni channel support. From Whatsapp to telephonic support, we have you covered.
Is my data secure?
PayCurve is fully POPIA and GDPR compliant. Our tech platform has undergone an information security and cyber risk assessment from F-Secure which guarantees bank grade security.

Report available on request.
How much work is required from my side?
PayCurve seamlessly integrates directly into most South African payroll software providers, making it easy.
If you do not choose to integrate systems then we offer an admin light solution that requires 30 minutes of payrolls time per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there any impact to my credit profile?

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