PayCurve is a Financial Technology platform that offers your employees innovative financial solutions in the pursuit of achieving financial well-being within your workforce

PayCurve Solution.
Smart Salary Access.

Our Solution:
Through our financial technology platform, provides employees with early access to a portion of their unencumbered and earned salary at any point during the month facilitating financial headroom (emotional and financial wellbeing).

Our vision and approach:
South Africa's most affordable solution through our holistic and sustainable approach with the objective of achieving financial wellbeing by replacing onerous, high cost short term solutions as well as mitigating financial over-indebtedness, thus empowering both employers and employees.

As each workforce is unique, to achieve financial wellbeing in these unprecedented times, support and fit for purpose solutions are needed. Our solution applies multiple safeguards ensuring employees are given access to a small responsible portion of their earned salary allowing for financial flexibility.

PayCurve Solution.
Core Components.


Employee ability to draw down on their unencumbered and earned salary at any point during the month:


  • Meet unforeseen expenditure with money already earned;
  • Manage spending habits; and
  • Spread necessary expenditure throughout the month.


Smart algorithms and dynamic decision-making, by taking into consideration on-payroll and off-payroll data, to compute the accessible amount:

  • Only access what the employee can afford mitigating over-extension.





Seamless integration into payroll systems, ensuring  no administration impact on your operation.

The employee can self-service by accessing their account through any computer or mobile device to review and "engage" with their salary.



Legal and regulatory compliance approach to ensure full compliance with the applicable legislation:

  • Protection of Personal Information Act; and
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act.





Over-extension Safeguard
PayCurve calculates and provides employees with access to the unencumbered portion of their salary only post taking several data points into consideration.

Taking each employees financial commitments into consideration ensures employees are financially supported.


Financial Well-being
PayCurve is a holistic data driven solution that is net positive to both the employer and the employee. PayCurve incorporates on-payroll as well as off-payroll data points ensuring employees only access what they can afford and never more.
Employee Self Service
Access PayCurve from any mobile device, computer or tablet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access your own earned money, when you need it most.
Instant Payment
PayCurve offers instant payment into any bank account within South Africa, meaning you will receive your money within minutes of completing the process.
Real-Time & Automated
PayCurve seamlessly integrates into a number of systems to utilise real-time data in order to compute the accessible amount.
From onboarding a new Employer to servicing your employees, PayCurve has been built with simplicity in mind.