Life doesn’t wait and neither should your pay. PayCurve allows employees the ability to control their financial well-being by giving them real - time access to their earned income at any point and time during the month.
PayCurve, through our Fin-Tech platform provides you with access to a portion of your earned income at any point prior to your regular payday. As soon as you have worked a day in the month you are able to access a portion of each worked-days salary via the PayCurve application. That money belongs to you as you have worked hard to earn it. Simply login to your PayCurve account and withdraw the money to your bank account as needed. The amounts withdrawn during the month will then be deducted from your net pay at the end of the month.


3 simple steps to access your earned income:
  1. Log into your account using your unique credentials
  2. Select the amount you would like to withdraw from your earned salary.
  3. Accept the T&C’s
Its as simple as that!
You can make as many withdrawals in the period provided you do not exceed the total available limit In relation to your unencumbered income.
Employees have access to a portion of their unencumbered earned salary. This is calculated using smart algorithms and dynamic decision making by taking a number of data points into consideration. This amount will always be displayed to you under your account.
The amount withdrawn during the month will be deducted from your salary on payday.
Yes, we have a full transaction history page.
Bank details can only be amended if they are amended from your employer's side. We will then receive a notification of the change. Please note, we will only be able to pay into the bank account where you received your previous salary. This process is in place to protect you.


There is no impact on the company cashflow, we pay your employee their earned income during the month and you pay us back on payday.
There is no impact on your team after the initial integration with your payroll system. PayCurve integrates directly into your internal system and will administer all data transfer and reconcilliations. If you are not running on an open payroll platform i.e. running on excel, there is the option for you to provide monthly secure file transfers for us to run your PayCurve.