A sustainable and smart financial solution that takes each individual employee’s circumstance into account.

Employee Benefits.

Financial Independence
Facilitating smart financial decisions by using PayCurve when unforeseen cash requirements arise resulting in peace of mind.
Cost Savings
PayCurve is a low cost and suitably matched alternative to high cost credit, saving "thousands" each month.
Increased Productivity
Knowing instant access to one’s earned salary at a low cost, resulting in reduced financial pressure, leading to increased productivity in all areas of one’s life.
Financial Well-being
Financial flexibility allows employees the ability to meet expenses on-time, every-time, using their own hard money.

Gain access to your unencumbered earned income knowing you can meet you financial needs without compromising your financial health.

3 Clicks to accessing your salary

Step 1

Gain access to your secure account by completing a few simple security steps.

Step 2

Select the amount you would like to withdraw from your unencumbered earned salary.

Step 3

The amount selected will be paid into your bank account within 24 hours.