PayCurve benefits both employers and employees.

Employees that feel financially supported are happier and more productive leading to an improved working environment where employees can focus on their work life and not have to think about their financial stresses.

Employer Benefits.

Employee productivity
Employees that feel financially supported are more content and more engaged leading to an overall improvement in the working environment.
Talent acquisition and retention
Employees around the world refer to the offering as an employee benefit and choose to work for employers offering this solution.
Revolutionize financial well-being benefits
Offer employees high-quality financial products that compliment existing employee benefit offerings.
Seamless integration
Offering PayCurve to your workforce is seamless and does not place additional requirements on your business: No cash flow impact. No implementation cost. No operational impact. No recourse

How it works

Bank Level Security Integration

PayCurve seamlessly integrates into all major South African payroll software providers.

Employee Base Engagement

We will engage your employee base and inform them about the simple profile activation process.

Ready for use

Once the customer account has been activated your employee are ready to use the platform.